Monday, September 3, 2012

Andouillette is a pretty name

Quai Sainte Catherine

Salon de thé La Petit Chine on Rue du Dauphin, Honfleur, was packed, not a seat to be had.  We showed the very charming waitress our ancient postcard and she nodded 'ah, oui' with a shrug, as though this happened every day.

It is not exactly the right view, that would be from someone's home and our charm can only go so far.  We managed this nearly match:

View from La Petit Chine on Rue de Dauphin

The view shows Quai Sainte Catherine and Le Vieux Bassin in Honfleur.  On the left in a corner restaurant, next to the Pizzeria, we discovered that Andouillette is a pretty name for food to 'torture tourists with poor French'. 

The restaurant was in all ways quite lovely and we take full responsibility for not finding out more about the dish before we ordered.  We are now expert.

Andouillette is made from the bits of animals no-one talks about.  As Wiki explains it has 'a strong, distinctive odor related to their intestinal origins and components'. The Wiki writer had more sense than to try the taste.  We did not. It tastes as it smells. 


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